About Us


Gorin Ramen

The restaurant was named “Gorin” which means Olympics in Japanese because our business started in the special year 2020. The year of the Tokyo Olympics (originally scheduled). This is a highly anticipated event for decades which has a special meaning in Japan.

We wanted customers to experience the Japanese food culture by sharing our love of Kitakata Ramen. This is one of the most famous styles of ramen in Japan.

Kitakata city in Fukushima Prefecture is rich in nature and known for their traditional brewing culture. Famous for its soy sauce, sake and miso, Kitakata Ramen was born in this rich and pure environment in the pursuit of quality.

“Gorin” also means five rings in Japanese. The five rings represent earth, water, fire, wind, and sky. They symbolize the rich nature of the Fukushima prefecture and the elemental rings are incorporated into our bowls of ramen.

In every aspect of the restaurant, we strive to balance nature with the traditional and modern Japanese culture. In this endeavor, Gorin Ramen only uses the best ingredients in our ramen so our customers can have the best possible experience.

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