Gorin Ramen is coming back step by step. Please call 917-675-6369 or check with the storefront for the latest store hours and menu.
We are now offering the Abura Soba (soup-less with our secret source),
the Best Ramen Dish for TAKEOUT:
Gorin’s original secret “tare” (flavorful thick sauce), thick noodle, aburi pork chashu, red onion, scallion and seaweed. It Comes with a side of vinegar and chili oil. “Tare” is thick sauce, the ramen's seasoning, which defines the type of ramen, meaning the most important factor of ramen. Since Abura-soba is soup-less, you can enjoy the flavor of the “tare” and noodles more than noodles with soup. Enjoy Gorin’s original secret “tare” and selected thick noodles.

Gorin Ramen

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